Gonçalo Cruz

Researcher | Designer | Musician | Educator | Maker


Music composer and guest musician on live and recorded performances


Maker of bagpipes & Woodwinds


Doctoral Researcher in Music
The Redesign of Bagpipes

My workshops & Seminars

Over the last years, Gonçalo has worked with several educational institutions carrying out pedagogical, cultural & motivational seminars and workshops.
If you’re looking for a guest speaker or would like to hear more about his seminars, please send an email.



Lessons and workshops

Learn how to play Bagpipes, 
Flutes & Whistles 
or join in with your music instrument and learn folk repertoire from Iberia

Project & Design

Tools that help you think.

Be it the remodeling of your own apartment, producing your new record album, drafting your scientific paper or designing your live performance.
In Design process, it’s all about getting something accomplished.



Learn to be. . .

From Music to the Visual Arts, from Meditation to Martial arts, its all about transcending technique.
Thinking > Knowing > Being

by design…


I’ve been connected to the arts since as far back as I can remember. I’ve never imagined myself doing anything other than creating “stuff”. How Music composition became an intrinsic part of “it all”, is something that took me a while to make sense of… However, since childhood having travel from Drawing to Painting, to Architecture, and ending up Making the very same musical instruments I play and compose with, has been an amazing ride. The more time passes the more everything seems to fall into place…

Latest News

Gonçalo writes for several media outlets, including the youtube channel GaitaMakerTV, or the Finndit.org initiative.
He also publishes articles and papers, that you can read here.

Quarenta Podcast with Adriano Adewale

Quarenta Podcast with Adriano Adewale

"The Quarenta Podcast" means for 40 minutes of chat around Music & Finland On this episode we talked to Adriano Adewale,  a doctoral candidate researching on the performance of the Brazilian "Berimbau", at the Sibelius Academy - University of the Arts Helsinki. He...

#03 Piper Staccato – Michael Vereno

#03 Piper Staccato – Michael Vereno

Another episode of “Piper Staccato – A short interview”, this time with Michael Vereno Piper staccato, a podcast produced by Gonçalo Cruz, is aimed as an international pro-bono project creating cultural bridges. On this episode, Michael Vereno, a piper from Austria,...

Opening of my “Woodwind Research Lab”

Opening of my “Woodwind Research Lab”

It is my absolute pleasure to inform that finally, my bagpipe making workshop is up and running!!! I must say it took too long to give you this news! I feel like I have been moving around my machines since April 2019. Moving all the way from Portugal was challenging,...


Helsinki – Finland
Porto – Portugal


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