I am extremely excited about working on this new project for the Sibelius Academy – UNIARTS.

The idea of a visual map for our University has been on my mind since 2020.

Me and prof. Jan Schacher will be presenting this project to our colleagues next 13th of October, during the first SibA Research Forum, counting on the support of the entire academy.

Research Affinity Project Proposal 

A visual database of the SibA doctoral research community

  • Which other research in SibA is most similar to mine?
  • Which colleagues might have valuable insight into my research? 
  • Are there research trends at our Academy?
  • Are there cross-field/cross-department researchers at SibA?
  • Who could help organize my next conference?
  • Who amongst my colleagues may have valuable contacts that could enrich my research?
  • How to benefit from the shared network and international reach?
And also: 
  • How does the “outside world ” perceive our community, and how may they find us?


These are just some of the questions that researchers at SibA might often ask themselves. Also, potential doctoral applicants and international universities looking for partners might often wonder what SibA has to offer. Finding those persons in the research environment network with close research affinities, enables collaboration, exchange, project development and much more. There is no “integrated map” or “complete picture” of our community. “Simple questions” become hard to answer the moment they involve two or more variables – “how many violinists are doing composing-related research?”
Gonçalo Cruz and Prof. Jan Schacher have been discussing how to improve communication within our international, diverse and talented research community. The project proposes to build an online searchable map that could provide an up-to-date picture of our research community. To accomplish this, the support of the entire research community is needed, because each researcher may provide key information needed to build an accurate and useful map.