In the small, charming town of Morpeth, Northumberland, UK, there is the most wonderful bagpipe museum.
I was extremely fortunate to be assisting Zexuan Qiao in his research on Border Pipes.
We were received by a fellow piper and museum curator Anne Moore.
We were given full access to the instruments, in order to precisely measured them, and photograph them.
The museum hosts some incredible 17th and 18th-century instruments, that would shock Portuguese and Spanish bagpipers. The similarities of early “border pipes” to “Gaitas” (Portuguese, Galician, Asturian, Catalonian) are remarkable.

During two days, we surveyed the instruments that were more pertinent to Zexuan’s doctoral research. However, for lack of time, some awesome instruments were left undocumented. We came away whit the strong convention that these beautiful instruments certainly deserve more study on our part. Morpeth is definitely a museum we will be visiting often in the years to come.