By investigating alternative methods of prototyping, our Lab. has been convinced by one of our international members Zexuan Qiao (Interaction Designer and Music PhD.c), of the enormous advantages of “addictive” technology.
As you might know, most musical instruments, and definitely flutes and bagpipes, are made by reducing (milling, lathing, etc) raw pieces of wood into musical instruments. That is of course a “subtractive process”. 3D printing technologies allow us to build objects by adding material until the final shape is achieved.
After several meetings with Zexuan, there was no doubt in our minds, that there could be no better choice than the fabulous machines designed by Joseph Prusa in the Czech Republic.
The printer has arrived at our workshop today. Besides assembling and operating the equipment, there is a learning curve, in order to successfully model and print objects. However, I’m extremely confident in achieving results since I’m afforded the expert guidance of Zexuan and the incredible support of the PRUSA team.
Thank you, guys!!