I’m thrilled to share my recent experience at the joint doctoral Study Days between the Royal Academy of Music, London (RAM) and Sibelius Academy (SibA). This event, hosted by our academy, was a unique opportunity to share and learn about artistic and practice-led research.

The Event
The RAM+SibA Study Days brought together doctoral students from both institutions to present their ongoing research projects. The main idea of the event was to share artistic and practice-led research, help each other, and learn from each other. Artistic practice was the focal point of this exchange program, with each participant presenting their work for 30 minutes, including a performance or artistic component.

My Presentation
I had the opportunity to present my research on the forgotten bagpipe tradition in Finland, specifically the redesign of the Säkkipilli. This was a fantastic opportunity to share my work, receive feedback, and engage in insightful discussions with fellow researchers.

The Journey Ahead
The RAM+SibA Study Days were not just about presenting our work, but also about seeing each other’s progress over the coming years. It was inspiring to see the diverse range of research projects and the innovative approaches to artistic practice. I’m looking forward to the next Study Days and the chance to see how all our projects have evolved.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting journey!