The 2020 FIL – Festival Interceltic Lorient, appears not to have been cancelled… At least so far.
Every year a different world culture is celebrated. This year’s edition, the 50th, is under the theme “Bretagne” (Brittany) and will take place from the 7th-16th of August 2020.

It was my pleasure to visit the festival in previous editions and to make a podcast covering the event.
I share it here again, under the homeness of the Corona Pandemic, hoping for a “well-thought-out”, “safe”, but “speedy” re-opening of all cultural activities in the world.

It was a great experience with Gustavo Lobão (in the video) and 2 other very close friends and also pipers. An adventure I will certainly repeat in the future…
…will it be this year, I do it?…

Festival Interceltique Lorient