I’m very glad to announce that I’ll be presenting my doctoral research “Forgotten Bagpipes – The Re-design of the Säkkipilli in Finland” tomorrow Tuesday 10th Mar, at the Sibelius Academy.

It is a larger two day event called SibA Research Days 2020:
“The aim is to provide a space where students and teachers from various artistic, scientific and applied research disciplines can come together to learn from and connect to one another; to discover and examine similarities and differences; to Collaborate on problem-solving and shared areas of interest.”

My presentation will be at 1pm, at the Musiikkitalo – “Camerata hall”.
I will present a brief overview of European bagpipes as well as the state of the art of the Säkkipilli in Finland. Apart from the lecture, I will be playing both modern European bagpipes with living traditions, as well as my on-going Säkkipilli prototypes.

Hope I see you there!